Contains Fiber, Antioxidants, Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron and a host of other nutrients.  Kale supports heart health and helps in the fight against Cancer & Type 2 Diabetes.


The ultimate vegetable for keeping eyes healthy.  Carrots help with constipation and add a boost to the immune system.  Lowering the risk of Cancer and helping to sustain a healthy heart are also ways this vegetable can support our body.


Helps to keep Blood Pressure in check and improve digestive health.  Beets helps improve athletic performance and fight inflammation.  Supports Brain Health.


Keeps Hydration levels up, contains Antioxidants, and high in Nutrients.  Lowers the risk of Cancer and a hero in the fight to strengthen immune systems.


Improves quality of Blood flow, restores energy, and rich in Iron.  Excellent source of Vitamin K, A, and C.


Great source of Antioxidants and supports digestion.  Rich in Vitamins and minerals with a low Glycemic index providing an Alkalizing effect.