Bitter Melon

Helps reduce blood sugar and has cancer fighting properties.  Decreases cholesterol levels and is an aid in the weight loss fight. 


Loaded with nutrients and contains disease fighting antioxidants.  Helps in the fight against Cancer and will boost immunity.


Rich in antioxidants and contain dietary fiber needed to support digestive health.  Contains protective compounds that fight several chronic diseases and helps improve insulin sensitivity which is important for weight loss and preventing diabetes.


High in vitamin C and healthy for the immune system.  Prevents skin damage and keeps blood pressure in check. Lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar levels.


Excellent source of vitamin C and contains a decent amount of Folate (vitamin B9).  Rich in antioxidants and rich in plant compound which benefits heart health and blood pressure also increases good cholesterol.


Good source of vitamin C and contains Magnesium which is also good for your skin.  The potassium in bananas is good for heart health, blood pressure and  aids in digestion while boosting energy levels. 


Low in calories but high in nutrients. Strengthens your immune system and reduces the risk of kidney stones.  This almighty fruit promotes appetite control and aids in the weight loss fight.


Keeps hydration levels up and one of the best sources to find Vitamin C.  Helps with weight loss and some even believe lemons help skin quality.


Helps boost immunity and keep ones stomach clean. Good choice of a snack for diabetic patients.


Packed with nutrients and antioxidants.  May aid in digestion while improving heart health.